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Eric Gersen is a comedian and musician from New York City who once played piano for Mariah Carey. 

He is a performer and teacher at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre (UCBT), where he has performed on the theatre's Harold Night, and currently performs with the Musical Improv Team Rumpleteaser, which he directs and musically accompanies. He recently completed a run of his solo show, Gersenality: One Man's Search for Google Greatness..

He is the writer, lyricist, and composer of the musical Seventeen Seventy-Something which ran for a year at the UCBT. He is currently developing a longer version.

He is the also Associate Music Director of the Story Pirates, and their new Podcast. He is a composer for Improv Everywhere, and he has composed music for shows for Comedy Central, TruTV, and TBSas well as web series, podcasts, short films, and videos across the internet.

Some Videos

Some Rumpleteaser: Musical Improv Shows

Some Videos that I put Music to!

All 8 Unicorns - The Story Pirates

“It Could Be Me” from “Places Thank You, Places”

“Felon’s a Star” from The Last OG

Some Music

Story Pirates

(The Story Pirates Podcast takes stories written by kids and adapts them into radio plays and songs)

Comedy Music



3/28 - La Luna Quartet at 54 Below, 9:30pm

4/01 - Rumpleteaser at UCB Hell’s Kitchen, 9pm

4/08 - Rumpleteaser at UCB Hell’s Kitchen, 9pm

4/15 - Rumpleteaser at UCB Hell’s Kitchen, 9pm

4/17 - Gayme Show Presents: Straight Pageant at Littlefield, 8pm

4/22 - Rumpleteaser at UCB Hell’s Kitchen, 9pm

4/29 - Rumpleteaser at UCB Hell’s Kitchen, 9pm

7/13 - A Gay Show for All People with Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp at The Bell House, 7:30pm

To contact Eric about acting, playing piano, writing music, or anything, please email at: